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Math Educators

Expired on: Dec 8, 2023

The University of Washington Seattle, College of Education, seeks to recruit math educators to join a research and development project. This project focuses on developing an AI-powered lesson planning platform—namely “Colleague”—to assist teachers in planning high-quality and inclusive mathematics lesson materials with great time efficiency. Participating math educators will experience an exciting opportunity to work with a dynamic interdisciplinary team to integrate the latest advances in AI with education domain knowledge to promote equitable and improved learning opportunities for both students and teachers. Our goal is to develop “Colleague” as a personalized assistant to educators to augment teachers’ capacity and amplify their professionalism, rather than substituting for teachers’ creativity. You can learn more about this project at AmplifyLearn.AI ( 

Participation compensation: $50 per hour

Time Commitment: Up to 120 hours in total with 15-20 hours per week from 1/16/2024 to 03/15/2024

Core Responsibilities:

We seek 12 math educators who will actively engage with the UW research team to conduct the following specific activities during January, February, and March 2024.  We aim to recruit educators who have been teaching math in the most recent three years: four educators from elementary grades (K-5), four from middle school grades (6-8), and four from high school grades (9-12). Core activities include: 

  • Receive brief training about conducting scientific research. UW researchers will offer brief training on rubrics, tasks to perform, and establishing inter-rater reliability among these 12 educators.
  • Evaluate the accuracy, relevance, and trustworthiness of AI recommended and generated lesson materials: work closely with UW researchers to assess the quality of information presented on the lesson plan platform, powered by AI algorithms.
  • Refine and develop math lesson plans: With the assistance of AI, modify and improve the platform recommended and generated lesson materials to better meet the quality standards.
  • Offer feedback on system performance: Participate in focus group discussions about your experience of using the Colleague platform and your recommendations of further improvements.
  • Support the development of training or professional development materials(optional): Collaborate with the UW research team to create training and professional development materials that support future lesson planning using AI platforms.


  • Minimum of 3 years of teaching mathematics in the most recent five years. Exceptions can be made if the candidates meet other qualification criteria below.
  • Proven expertise in designing and implementing math lessons tailored to specific grade levels and student needs.
  • Strong math knowledge and skills to write and modify lesson plan content at your grade level.
  • Enthusiasm for the project and a desire to understand the strengths and limitations of AI applications in education. 
  • Strong collaboration skills in a team environment.

How to Apply:

If you are ready to make an impact on the future of education technology, we would love to hear from you!  We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Recruitment process and timeline:

Step 1. November- Dec 8th, 2023, submit application using this link: Apply Now

Step 2. Dec 9th– Dec 15th, 2023, select semi-finalists and schedule interviews.

Step 3. Dec 18th, 2023 to Jan 5th, 2024, conduct a 15-20 minute interview with each semi-finalist

Step 4. Jan 8th to Jan 12th, 2024. Inform finalists.

Please send queries to Dr. Min Sun at

The position will remain open until it is filled. The starting date will be January 16, 2024.

Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Remote
Sorry! This job has expired.