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Colleague: an AI-enhanced tool for teachers to compose rigorous, engaging, and inclusive lesson plans

Our dedicated team designs, tests, and refines AI-powered tools and platforms, ensuring they meet the specific needs of K-12 educational settings, enhance learning experiences, and promote inclusive education.

What Colleague can do for you as your partner in education

Improves Instructional Effectiveness while Saving Educators’ Time

Spend more time doing what you love—teaching. Colleague aims to cut educators’ lesson preparation time by 50%, while ensuring quality using its specialized AI that integrates with research-based effective teaching practices. It provides free access to a large, rapidly growing repository of vetted lesson materials and assessment items.

Adapts to Your Teaching Style and Your Students’ Needs

Through personalized generation and recommendation, our AI assistant adapts to your teaching style and a wide range of students’ needs in academic learning pace, language diversity, and special education accommodations.

Serves as an Assistant, Companion, and Friend for Educators

Colleague’s design and development embrace a human-centered AI partnership model that makes the technology respect and amplify educators’ and students’ creativity. It features a lesson quality checking function, aligns lessons with state learning standards, nudges educators to iteratively improve, and brainstorms ideas with educators anytime, anywhere.

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